The first time I went to the hospital alone.

The one thing that stopped me from going to sickbay in secondary school was the stress of looking for my card. Now that I’m the university, i don’t even have health center card . Anyway, there was this time I had this serious pain in my right leg in school, like I said, no healthContinue reading “The first time I went to the hospital alone.”

Move, keep moving, movement!

Hi guysssss! It’s been a minute. It’s December already ! Detty December loading . How was November? There was #nonutnovember , #noshavenobember, and it was also declared a fasting month(RCCG) there were most likely others but those are the ones I was aware of. Did you participate in any?? Anywayyyyyyy,I had a bittersweet November. ItContinue reading “Move, keep moving, movement!”