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Favorite day of the week

Mine is Sunday! Sundays are like second chances at life, sometimes I feel it speaks to me ,like sissss, it’s a new week, let’s geddit!

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Old and new works of art such as paintings, are triggers, I’m not sure what they trigger in me, but it’s highly uncomfortable. There’s no word to explain how I feel. Yet i feel drawn to it, that’s why I can visit the an art gallery more times than I’d go to the movies.

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Omo get inside. 1

If you don’t fall in this category, you’re lucky

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“Show up, keep showing up. Someone said 99% of success is just showing up”

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The Sunken Cost Fallacy.

Your decisions are attached to the emotional investments you accumulate, and the more you invest in something the harder it becomes to abandon it. That is the sunken cost fallacy. The fear of loss makes you to incur more loss. 

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My top 10 pictures of the week.

Going on Pinterest and Unsplash to download beautiful pictures is one of my favorite things to do🥺. What’s one random thing you like to do? See you tomorrow amazing person! Iyanu✨

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The Interview . 1

Yo! here’s the surprise i said i had for you ! if you can’t relate to what i’m saying, check here quickly ! I’ll be sharing an interview that i had with the install brand. My favorite clothing brand 😉 The Install Brand. Get happiness through strong + classy fashion The install brand is a […]


My 5 favorite quotes .

Honestly , I can’t remember where I read/ saw these , but one thing is , immediately I saw them, I knew it was meant for me, to learn and live by. It changed my perspective, geared me to work harder and all that. I hope you pick up something from here too. Enjoy. Show […]

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The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.

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Stranger things

Hi! I’m back. Feels so good to be back. I missed your visits on here. I was away due to minor technicalities but here I am. How are you?! How’s the week coming on? I’m sure you’re killing it steadily. If you’re new here, welcome 🖤. It’s the 23rd day of my 30 day blogging […]