Power of positive affirmations

Telling myself positive things about myself, constantly reminding myself of how amazing I am, asking myself questions about my emotions, keeping my emotions in check, basically treating myself like someone I’m responsible for helping has a really great impact on my life.

I’m getting to know myself better, getting to understand myself more. I’m a work in progress honestly. Who I was and who I want to be are two different people. The person who I am at the moment is , well, that’s story for another blog post. Anyway, I think it’s essential that you talk to yourself . Tell yourself the nice things about you, because if you don’t hype yourself, who will? (I will sha, but you get my dettol advert gist). Clear yourself too sha because lmao. It’s essential.

When you talk to yourself, ensure you’re speaking positivity into your life. There’s power in words. That’s why you should be mindful of what you say to yourself, because other people’s words are also powerful. Let your voice be the greater factor, and God’s too, not the negative one of the society / other people.

It is important that you’re conscious of you. Yes. It’s important that you’re conscious of you. “Why am I like this?” “what triggers these emotions?” “How do I keep them in check?” While reassuring yourself that you’re doing the best you can. It is also important that you’re honest with yourself. Trust me, there’s nothing freeing than that. When you’re honest with yourself, you’re making peace with you. Lying to yourself isn’t healthy. The truth may hurt, but when you tell yourself the truth first, when someone else tells you, it won’t slap that hard, and by that time, you’ve probably thought of a solution.

Talking to yourself can also be very comforting. It gives you a clearer vision of what you’re doing, what you could be doing, what you’re not doing, how you feel, how you can handle what you’re feeling and many more .

On the other hand, it can also be hard to do this when all you can think about is negativity on some days. There are hard, sad, bad days. But here’s the thing. There are multiple ways to constantly remind yourself of positivity. I’ll share a few ways of mine.

1. I set reminders on my phone. When I wake up, it’s there. It literally stares at me in my face.


2. I paste them on the wall in my room. Including bible verses. (I’d share my favorites later.) I have plans to create a vision board in my room in school, but I need to paint first. But nevertheless, it’s there. I’ll post it here when I eventually put them up here.

3. I watch positive videos on YouTube and listen to uplifting podcasts.

4. I stay honest with myself. I do regular check up on myself by myself. I do this by talking to myself, and journaling .

Me to me everyday 😂😌✨

5. Praying and fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit. To me, the Holy Spirit is my guy. When I fellowship with my guy, he reminds me of the promises of God concerning my life. So yes. Positivity all the way✨

Opor dear 😂🤩

In conclusion, treat yourself like someone you’re responsible for helping. You are your responsibility. Take good care of yourself. Give yourself that motivational speech, pat yourself on the back, celebrate your wins , treat yourself nicely and the most importantly , LOVE YOURSELF!

❤️, Iyanu.


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