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Always listen to God. 1

The prayer for the grace and ability to calm down even in chaos to listen to what he has to say has always been in my mouth since this episode .

Who took my charger ?!??

My head was hot.

My phone was 91%, but there was still light! Na Nepa even cause all these things. If only they were stable. Would I be shouting like this in the morning?

I was pissed. How would I wake up and not meet my charger where I dropped it? God please. I woke my brother up like “Alaye , where my charger dey?!?!” I searched everywhere. Even under the chairs for the love of God. Who took my charger nowwwwww? Or did my mother take it to work? But why would she take it to work when our phones are not the same? It was too early to be pissed but guy, my charger . My charger oo my charger.

“What would I do without you my chargie ? I don’t feel that way with anybody 😭😭😭😭


I was supposed to play music while I did house chores , you know, for vibes. But I couldn’t find my charger. I lost every vibe. But I decided to sweep anyway (still boiling) . I put off the fan, bent down to sweep. As I swept , with anger of course, I began to clam down. Then I heard this really calm voice that said “you know your father’s charger and yours look alike.” First of all, I was still pissed. Second of all, the way the voice was so calming made all my anger seem a little too much. I was adamant and said “Ehn, after that. Igbayen wanko, and so what” Omo Holy Spirit was talking to me and I was still giving attitude . Coconut head fc, I’m the president. “Go and check your father’s table. It’s there”

I didn’t go and check immediately because i knewww the Holy Spirit was right😭. Yes, when I went to check, i found my charger on his table.

Look, here’s my point.

The Holy Spirit is always conversing with us. You have to pause and listen. You have to be in sync with him. He’s literally your best guy bro. From the littlest things to the major major stuff, he listens! And he’s there to help you. Even in the midst of chaos.

Since then, The prayer for the grace and ability to calm down even in chaos to listen to what he has to say has always been in my mouth. You probably need this prayer too.

Do you have any experience related to this? Share with me😊


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