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The end

I’m pissed y’all. Pissed.

Breathe if you agree

If you haven’t read the story, click here for the first part, and here for the second part.

Just as Fade said, it doesn’t make any sense. I blame a part of why she didn’t leave on the society though. The society has programmed marriage for women like its some sort of scary institution that you either do, regardless of whatever a man is doing or you end up shameless. I find it scary in all honesty because,if anything, it’s the man who’s supposed to feel shame for not holding his home together, feel shame for breaking a vow, be condemned in fact for breaking a vow he made!

Also, fade’s mother mentioned that she stayed for her children. Lmao. Sis??? The children that would grow up to resent their father? Or worse, pick up his habits, or even worse, never trusting anyone and anything.

I’m pissed y’all. Pissed.

The opinions I have are endless and would result in certain arguments I choose not to be involved in, so I’ll stop here.

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3 replies on “The end”

Society has caused an harm in always making the woman feel shame. I’m strongly of the opinion that a married woman no matter how indebted she feels, should separate from her husband if he’s maltreating and cheating on her! Divorce isn’t the same as separation, staying away from a toxic man for a while. That’s honestly what I think tbh. But oh well, there are so many peculiar cases of this abuse happening around.

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