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For better for worse. 2

“I do not want to belong there. What would people say? “


I’m back again. If you’re new here, hiiiiiiiiii plus I’m sending you the warmest of my hugs. If you’re not, how far my guy? **insert guy hug.

I published a story yesterday and I’m here to share the second part with you. I really hope you like it, share your thoughts, all that stuff. It’s not long enough to be a part two but it is what it is I guess.



For better, for worse. Part 2

What couldn’t I possibly understand? Everything seemed clear to me. Dad messed up, yes, he did. It’s alright if it happens just once, but repeatedly? No. It’s not even okay at all. It really isn’t.

“What is there that I don’t understand?” I asked her. I wanted answers. I wanted it to be clear to me. I needed a solid answer. She sighed, looked at me again and said “where would I have started from if I had left? I didn’t want to be part of those people who left their husbands house and remarried.” She paused . “I do not want to belong there. What would people say? “ she continued. “I would have been alone with you two.” In that moment, I felt numb. I didn’t want to continue the discussion because I knew it’d end up in an argument. We stayed quiet for a long time. My head was spinning because I was thinking about a lot. I hated the fact that all she felt was shame, when she shouldn’t be the one feeling shame. The society is so messed up. “We made vows at the altar . We are married. You can’t just walk out of a marriage like that.” “What would people say?” She said yet again. My head was still spinning. What vows ? He already broke that. “I don’t think the for better for worse means when he’s cheating on you, or when he doesn’t regard your feelings mother.” “He has no single respect for you. You pay all the bills and you can’t just leave? That’s just plain suffering .” “Fade…” she sighed .

“It doesn’t make any sense to me ma. It doesn’t.“


What are your thoughts?? As for me sha, I believe Jesus will intervene 😭. I’d be sharing my thoughts tomorrow. Until then, let me know yours.

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20 replies on “For better for worse. 2”

Well…. As a Christian, she has fulfilled her obligations, it’s left to God to intervene cos she’s has done what a sensible and a christian-like woman should do.
I feel women actually have that phase to go through in their lives. It’s everywhere, though it’s really saddening 💔💔

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But what if it was the other way round?
Do you think the man would take all the steps you listed ?


Do you think it’s possible??? Men would rather file for a “divorce!” 😂😂 They’re amusing beings… But we have fewww men who would willingly do it. Men are strong headed please, I’m tired of them, God helping me😂😂💔

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That’s the point. I don’t think a woman should do all that for a man who wouldn’t do the same if tables were turned


Okayy… I understand what you mean. I really understand. When it gets to a point, when you pray and listen from the Holy Spirit, as the woman, you’ll have to do as the Holy Spirit has said. The woman will be pained but she doesn’t have a choice than to listen to the instructions from above. No woman will want to do something like that for a husband that has cheated on her. Even I as a person, I can’t be that lenient and calm. I know all these things. God’ll help us make the right decisions 🤲


True some are not always worth it in the end despite all the prayers but don’t just let it get to you, take care of your kids and make sure they’re fine. They have a future right in front of them. It just affects children psychologically and then in the future, when their dad is repentant, they would begin to say “he’s your father, you just have to forgive him”
They think it’s that easy💔

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1. The woman shouldn’t be too aggressive, she should try not to behave or act harshly on the issue. The keyword here is “Patience”
When she’s patient, and then she still behaves as lovely as before she found out about the incident of her husband cheating, an husband in his right mind, will have this guilty conscience and apologize

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Hi, well what I can actually see from my own point of view is that;
1. Probably Fade’s mum knew what she went through before she got to marry the man.
2. Probably she just wants to be different, not wanting to join the clique of other single women who just left their homes and were not able to fix their homes.
3. She maybe doesn’t want side talks or gossips, which she knows will eventually be a problem to the kids. They’ll be hurt emotionally. The fact that they do not have a father will affect them. They may not see it at first….but as time goes on, they’ll feel it.

Just from my own point of view🤗 I don’t know if it makes sense 😂

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I get your points honestly. Number 2 is honestly just shame. It’s not her responsibility to fix the home. It’s the husband’s.
But i blame the society anyway


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