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For better, for worse

“What could have possibly changed if you had left?!? There is no difference” My voice became a little loud. “Lower your voice oko mi.” She said quietly. “ like I said, ko le ye é. You can’t understand .”

Hey you!

The breeze today. Omooooo. The sky turned really dark and it reminded me of something from an American movie when the world’s about to end. Anyhowwww, small rain, Nepa has carried light, mtn and glo don dey misbehave. But we whuttt, we meauve.

One of the things I promised myself that I’d do this year, is complete most of the stories I started , and then write more. I’ll be sharing one today, and I really hope you like it. Enjoy✨


For better for worse. Part 1.

“He did it again” my mother said softly. I could hear the pain in her soft tone. Pain wasn’t the only thing I was sensing, but I too, felt a rush of emotions, anger mostly. “Why wouldn’t you leave?” I asked her quietly. “You can’t understand. It’s too late now” she replied turning her face to look at me. I sighed and laid down diagonally on my bed. A lot of thoughts and memories came rushing back. I remember the first time baba cheated, or rather, the first time I knew he cheated on my mother. I was 9. I knew a lot of things as a child. I heard my parents arguing all the time, I knew life was tough ever since I was 5. The world is shitty I know. People probably have it worse. But this right here, was pain. The second time I knew he cheated on her, it was the next year. I was 10. I was getting prepared for boarding house in secondary school . My bags were packed and I was doing the final check, making sure everything on the list the school gave was present in my box. It was then I heard shouts from the living room. “Get out of this house and go back to that woman” “you can’t walk in this house by 11 in the midnight when you clearly haven’t been working” “she’s your new wife, get out” . Baba had tried to make her calm down “lower your voice dear, people can hear us” . My mum’s voice got louder because, never in the history of calming down has anyone calmed down because they were told to calm down. I stood at the edge of the living room door, watching . My dad spotted me and told me to tell my mum stop shouting. “Fade, can you see your mother? Shouting at the top of her voice in the night. Tell her to rest and sleep “ . My mother hissed and told me “ look, your father has another wife. Tell him to go back to the woman’s place he is coming from. “ i looked at the both of them then walked back into my room.

“Why didn’t you leave when I was 10 mum? It’d have been so much easier to deal with” I turned so I could face her. She was sitting on the couch in my room. She looked shocked that I remembered. “He has been doing it since I was a child, why didn’t you leave?” I said softly. I was scared that my voice would crack and the tears would flow. “How did you cope all these years? How do you handle these things?” I said. “Fade… I stayed because of you and Ademide”. I was pissed. “What difference does it make maami? Kini iyató tó wa? You’re still the one carrying this family on your shoulders. You pay for everything maami! What could have possibly changed if you left?!? There is no difference” My voice became a little loud. “Lower your voice oko mi.” She said quietly. “ like I said, ko le ye é. You can’t understand “ .


Tears inna me eyes. Tell me, what do you think? What are your thoughts about why Fade’s mother didn’t leave ? Do you think “for better, for worse” includes when a man is cheating?

I’ll be waiting for you in the comment section ✨

See you tomorrow for part 2. Don’t forget to share!

Iyanuthegreat 💜

18 replies on “For better, for worse”

Never in the history of calming down has anyone ever calmed down…Word!!!. Superb write-up. Sweet paragraphing, kerp it up.


Hmmm Nice concept
I believe fade’s mum could have seen the signs before marrying him but decided to still go on… let’s hear the reason she has before concluding sha

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