2021! Friendly reminders for the year

Lezzgeddit shall we?

Happy new year!💃🏽🥳

I’m pumped, excited and a little bit scared for the new year. What’s there to be scared of ? Well I guess it’s the fact that we all had plans for 2020 and well, things didn’t go exactly as planned. But yeah, it’s a new year and we move again innit?

Yes sis. We meuve

As we begin to reach our goals, trying out new stuff, being the best we could possibly be, moving on, letting go, you know, all that juicy stuff, there are a few things I’d like to remind you of .

1. You’re amazing. I say this all the time, yes I know. It’s just the truth. I meannn look at you. Damn.

2. You can do whatever it is you want to do. Manifest all the good things you want and work towards it. Stay jiggy my guy. Be focused

3. You are not your mistakes! Honestly. You should stop beating yourself up because of mistakes you made. Pick pieces of yourself and be a better person this year. Okay???

4. Whatever happens, you’re going to be okay. Yup. You survived 2020 lmaooooo. What’s the worst that could happen??

5. God’s got you. Mafo. Trust . Du-uh

I hope you have an amazing one!

P.s: you’d be seeing me here a lot 🙃💜

See you tomorrow folks! Love youuu

Iyanuthegreat 🎈

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