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Bye Felicia

Me to twennytwenny

One thing I did a lot this year was cry. The tears were a lot. A whole lot. I know I’m not alone because honestly, this year was a lot. Inasmuch as this year was exhausting , I’m grateful for a number of things. God showed off in multiple ways in different aspects of my life, and for that, I’m grateful .

It felt like every emotion I felt this year hit twice as hard. If I was happy, I’d feel it deep. If I was sad, or angry, or glad, the same . I felt every emotion twice as hard. It isn’t entirely the best thing when the emotions are negative, but it felt good sometimes.


I’m not here to give you the usual “end of the year what are you grateful for, what did you achieve” whatever . I’m here to tell you how much I’m proud that you’re still here, how much I’m proud that you stayed strong despite everything, I’m proud of you honestly .

You lost that one that was so dear to your heart and you got the courage to move on, God! I’m so proud of you. I know there were days were very dark, but look at you now. Pushing through.

You tried at a lot , but you just couldn’t make it through, but look at you now, still trying to be the best you can be regardless. Maybe you’re pausing right now, but I know you’d make it eventually. I am proud of you for trying .

You finally started what you had always wanted to do. Now look at you flourishing and thing! Baby steps or large ass giant steps, I’m rooting for you either ways.

You’re going to beat that anxiety dearly beloved. And you’re going to be okay.

Whoever you are reading this now, I just want to let you know I’m grateful for you. I’m proud of all that you are, and I’m excited for where you’re headed.

I love you, Cheers to 2021

Iyanuthegreat ❤️

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