Something you need to read ❗️❕‼️

Check in

I question my existence a lot. Why am I here? What’s my purpose? What was I sent here for? What am I doing now? What steps have I taken? Do I want to end it all? How do I even look like?

When I ask these questions, I get answers. I ask myself frequently because, sometimes it feels like I forget who I am, what I’m made to do, what exactly my power is and how I look like. To be honest, when I feels like I’ve forgotten, life becomes less meaningful, I feel empty, scared, and lost .

Forgetting who you are heightens your anxiety, with that comes forgetting how you look like, and that’s pretty much top 5 list of bad things that could happen to you and your mental health. I guess this is why positive affirmations are important everyday.

Telling yourself you are smart, reminding yourself of who you are, living in that consciousness of the power that you posses as an individual, is all very important. The negative thoughts may come, or would come, but that’s why these affirmations are important .

Being a Christian doesn’t make you a super human who doesn’t have feelings or doesn’t feel anxiety or doesn’t get to , you know, feel all those feelings. But like I’d always say, live in the promises of God concerning your life everyday. It gets hard, heck it does. You’d cry. Jesus cried and felt pain, and he said “it is finished “ on the cross. Dear friend, allow yourself feel those feelings, in the end, remember that God’s got you and whatever you’re going through is only temporary ✨.

I’m not exactly the happiest person or the healthiest person mentally, but I guess it gets worse before it gets better. Because God’s plan concerning my life is for good, and not of evil to bring me to an expected end.

Las las, I go make am🤩. Lmao you thought this would go through without a lirru bit of spice ?😂

I love you. Stay amazing 💛💜


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