Random thought

I often think about people who don’t believe in God or anything that has to do with religion. I’m not thinking about it in a bad way, but in a way I think about if volcanoes erupted orange juice instead of lava, and how fast our eyes work because if you read the biology of how our eyes and brain work, phew. I think about if really there’s anything freeing about it. I’m curious.

I was close to believing there was no God before. In that moment, I thought “if I don’t believe in anything, maybe I wouldn’t hold anyone accountable, and I definitely won’t be accountable to anyone” , and I kid you not, the fear in me was greater than the freedom I thought I’d get after turning my back. I wanted God to show himself to me, give me a sign or something!!

The story of the golden calf reminds us that without rules we quickly become slaves to our passions – and there’s nothing freeing about that

I read this in a book.

Anyway, God came through 🌻. He has done things for me personally, and I realize I have a personal guy to guy, daughter to father relationship with him.

Nowww in relation to the jpeg above, The difference between being a Christian because you were born into a Christian home, and being a Christian because you want to be is the kind of relationship you have with him.

Can’t even lie, there are tough times omo, but me sef dey everyly fuck up 🥴🤲🏽.

In conclusion, take my conclusions seriously people 🥁 I believe that there is God, he is capable of doing anything and he does as he pleases. My hope and my being lies in him and doing what he wants. There’s a joy I cannot explain when I’m in the presence of God yeah? And it makes me wonder if there is a better feeling .

I’m just talking, saying something that has been on my mind , nothing more.


Iyanu ✨

4 replies on “Random thought”

I have always had a hard time understanding how atheism works because for the longest I’ve ever known I have felt a strong relationship with my God.
I asked my atheist friend to describe his beliefs to me, and he told me a lot of scientific facts and figures. He explained why he still chose to do good deeds not because he thought a higher being was holding him accountable, but because he wanted to do good deeds just to do them.

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