Inside life

Living with your parents for a long period of time after a long time apart makes you realize how much you have in common, and from whom you got certain traits from.

This is the longest I’ve spent with my parents at home in like 8 years, so yeah. I like keeping things. Whatever that holds some kind of memory that I like, I’m keeping that shit till whenever. Old journals, purses, whatever.

Fast forward to this pandemic, I went looking in my parents room, and I found out my dad is exactly like me . This man likes hoarding things too. He has old old naira notes! Even coins fgs. Plus I found this letter he wrote to his dad as a teenager, and his Dad’s reply. Omo💀, and this man is old. That paper is olddd.

Also, my father and I sing choruses out loud a lot! If he isn’t singing, he is listening to radio. Same with me😂. I’m either singing out loud or listening to something.

And from my mum, we both find comfort in church. I can’t explain this, but I’ve said it on here that Sunday is my best day of the week 😂. Same with my mum. There’s this happiness and joy we feel lmao.

Nobody likes wahala, but my mum’s level of “I no want wahala o” is very high. Honestly, Na me be that. “I no want wahala o”

There’s a lot more honestly and If you look closely, you’d find out some of the habits you have, they’re from your parents (even if they form perfect sometimes). Your parents are humans with flaws too. Before now, before you grew up to be who you are right now , you probably saw your parents as super humans who could do no wrong or let’s just say people without flaws.

Now, you’re being easy on them because you now realize they get broken too, they get hurt too, they crave company too(which is why they always call you to come back home to see them). The thing about this awakening (seeing your parents clearly), is that you also begin to get pissed off because they would want to get away with things that they should be sorry for. I mean, you’ve now seen that they are almost like you, and all that , and you feel they should be able to say sorry, communicate clearly and not just shout and give orders. (LMAOO)

But it almost never works, i mean, it could work for a period of time, but lmao you realize it’s long distance relationship that works best for y’all, and at the same time, you can see through them (almost entirely) , and you want to stay with them because it makes them happy. Above all, the will to be your own person, stand your ground, wins. Or does it?

In conclusion, I got this hoarding “spirit” from my father, and my mum and I have the same best day of the week. Do some thinking and let me know what you find out✨. It might be your dagbana choco behavior 👀, or your extremely nice behavior🤙🏽, or your gangster moves. Let me know guys✨

See you soon.

Iyanuthegreat 🌹

7 replies on “Inside life”

My mom almost never ever gets angry. I took that from her. I’d always put myself ni your shoes and consider your perspective before I judge you it get mad.

It’s a beautiful quality to have but in this Nigeria that everybody is mad, I’ve had to pick up some dangbanashoco from the streets too.
My Dad is a Sinzu spender. He could have 10k in his account and dash 7 people 1k each if he feels that they need it (even without asking).

I think I have some of this in me too. I’d lend you 9k out of the 10k in my account if I see that you’re stuck.

I sha know sey any which way, I go still dey alright las las. (I no go dash you sha 😁)

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