Focus on you sis.

How can you know the adult I am until you’ve touched the child I was?

Happy new month 🥳🥳. *inserts a broadcast message of prayers and blessing for the new month*

How have you been? Yes, you reading this right now. How have you been? What have you been up to? As for me, many many things don occur. But you know what they say- we meeuvee, we gbera, we locomote , we gbe body. In conclusion sha, we carry on.

About me! I started reading this book last month, which is technically 2 days ago haha. This book was literally giving me the hits. Every page I turned to, there was a word for me. A message for me. At some point while reading this book, I felt tears . I cry for almost everything so this is normal sh.

As I read, I was comforted . Have you ever felt like a book gave you a hug? Well this book was doing just that. Correcting me, teaching me lessons, telling me the things I felt that I didn’t know how to let out. My goodness! The feeling= peaceful.

Let me share a few screenshots I took as I read.

first things first.
I shed a tear or two here. damn
Pain is driving a Porsche today… this has to be the most relatable thing I’ve heard this week.

When I’m done with this book, who knows? I might do giveaway 🌚😂. I’d share this book with you with all my highlighted parts intact, you know, for the love of it. I’m amazing, I know!

If you can’t wait, The title of this book is “The Lady, Her Lover, and Her Lord “ by T.D Jakes.

I look forward to hearing you talk about your best parts, the parts that struck a nerve, and if you’re a crybaby like me, tell me what part made you shed a tear or two. Your secrets are safe with me love.

Till I see you again! Laterrrr. Tomorrow perhaps. Stay amazing, do what makes you happy and plaize your fokuz on yazef. Luv ya!

Iyanubebey . *chef kiss*

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