I felt something wet touch my upper lip. Raindrops? No, certainly not.

Where am I? I thought to myself as my eyes got accustomed to the darkness around me.

Touch. I felt around me and the space in which I was in was just as wide as I could stretch my arms. What’s this place? Why was I seated here? I wiped my hands against my nose, ah yes – that’s where the wet substance was coming from. Blood?

I couldn’t breathe . The space was getting smaller by the minute. Call for help my brain said. That was when I realized I was mute.

Who’d help me ?

Sleep. Close your eyes. You can’t possibly scream because you can’t talk. Sleep. It’d probably go away if you sleep.

Water. Why was I wet all over?

I was still in that space. It seemed to have stopped closing in on me. There was still blood in my nose.



I’m awake. It was just another nightmare.

I touch my nose and I can feel blood.


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