Cheers to the weekend!

Guess who stayed up all night watching the men’s club? That’s right. Meeeeeeeee. Ugh😭. I’m really wondering why I waited so long to watch it . To be honest, I deserve an award for late coming when it comes to movies. If you haven’t watched it, you should. You’re welcome. If you have, who’s your favorite character? Plus, favorite couple?

How’d your week go? What did you do with the lemons life handed to you ? I squeezed them in people’s eyes- the people i don’t like . If you can’t relate 😏, check my last post here.

My week was one helluva week ! What happened to me this week deserves a whole ass post or an episode on my podcast in fact. For real guys, premium gist. It ended well though, shoutout to my best friends reading this right now, my guys, and my brother. Finally, special thanks to my mum and Red TV😂(these are the people that wont see this post but, O topé *).

One of the best pictures I saw this week . Love eeet. Anyway, Jesus loves you. Just thought I’d sprinkle that here. I love you too though ❤️

It’s past 5 in the morning, best believeeeeeee I’m sleeping in. Laughs in house chores. Anyway guys, let me know what your plans are for the weekend, you know , talk to me. Please 😔. I’ve asked like 5 questions in this blog post, I’m expecting answers 😌🥳

That’s it guys! New podcast episode tomorrow. Check out the last one here where we talked about situationships and things in between. Enjoy🎉 . Tell your friends about it if you like it 👉🏽👈🏽.

Have a lazy Saturday 🎈



*o topé – as used in the sentence, it means, they deserve to be thanked. My Yoruba is not the best, but that’s it.


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