Quiet mornings

I’m not sure why, but I like this picture.

I like quiet mornings. I think a lot in the morning, and I just need peace and quiet. I think about a lot of things. From the most random thing to the very important stuff. It’s just me reflecting deeply on life matters.

Questions like why is this thing this way? Why is it that way? Why are balloons not square? Why are bubbles not triangular? Why is it okay for a man to marry multiple wives and a woman can’t get married to multiple husbands. I give myself answers to most of those questions. I think about my future a lot too. I think about what’s happening in this very moment, what could be happening in another space at this exact moment. Lord Baelish in game of thrones said everything that’s happening now has happened before, I sometimes wonder who had my life in the 1700s.

I think about random facts I see on twitter, I think about how there are a lot of smart people, and how those smart people are also thinking that there are a lot of smart people. I write essays in my head about these things. I make connections with people in my head. We all think about each other. Maybe not directly, or intentionally, but we own a piece of each other’s memory.

Does the bike man who pissed you off once upon a time ever crosses your mind? Or the woman at the market that didn’t have complete change to give you so she just gave you the extra 20 naira? Or the fine Hausa man that sold Pepper to you. I think about a lot of people. I hope the woman who sells fish at the market is okay, and I hope my friends are healing from what doesn’t make them sleep at night.

On other days, I like to play really soft music to lift my spirit . Real soft songs. If you’re like me, you probably have a playlist for everything. My morning playlist consists of soft worship songs, to pure classics , a sprinkle of love songs, and finally a dash of vibe. The vibes comes last anyway. The playlist is long enough to last until when I’m dressed, the vibe is there to help me figure out clothes to wear . These days my “mornings” don’t end until I’ve had my bath. Until then, I’m on do not disturb.

I’m currently on do not disturb, but you should make noise in the comment section if you’re like me, or if you find it weird .

Have a great day!


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