In an article i wrote for Pesh on music, there’s a part that says there are people who do not feel anything towards music. Nothing at all. For real.

I think about this everyday. There are people who don’t feel moved by music. No urge to move the feet, or make dance moves – even on your seat. No goosebumps when they listen to music or anything. Omo.

When I think about this, I think about the times I’ve felt goosebumps when I watched videos of people singing, the times I’ve made mad dance moves on my seat, just because I can’t dance , the times I’d scream at the top on my voice when I hear Rihanna sing, the goosebumps I feel when I listen to worship songs. The times I automatically sing along and want to shake my body just because I can feel the vibe. It’s a long list of things I feel for music.

The fact that there are people who feel absolutely nothing for music makes me feel some type of way.

Before you say these people aren’t normal, they are normal. They feel all these things we feel when we listen to music when they engage in other activities.

Considering the amount of people that music is their safe place , I’m honestly shaken.

Another fact about music is that they help plants grow. Sis, i …. I have no words. Check out other random music stuff on Pesh blog.

If you belong to the category of people who don’t feel anything for music, let me know😭. I’d like to meet you, and If you know anyone who doesn’t feel anything for music, comment! I’ll be waiting .

See ya!

Iyanu ❤️

Here’s a cute photo of me. Have a nice week! My podcast is laughing today👅

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