The mirror

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror when you’re angry, sad, jealous, hateful, or envious?

Looking in the mirror when you feel some kind of emotion towards someone/ situation that isn’t positive, helps correct how you view that person/situation , and helps to understand the emotions that we feel.

Yesterday morning, I was angry about the noise in my house. I like my mornings quiet , but in my house it’s almost impossible. My father’s radio never goes off. I stepped out of the kitchen door, went to a window, and I saw how I looked. It was hilarious. I was like lmaooooooooo this is how I look when I’m pissed off?!? Nahh, this isn’t cute .

I asked myself why I was angry and I answered honestly. I pointed out to myself why I was pissed off, why I felt they could equally work in silence in the mornings, I also pointed out why it wouldn’t work that way- we’re all different people. After that self examination, I felt better. I didn’t like that my house was loud , but I saw things from another angle when I talked to myself aout it, just because i didn’t like how my face looked 😂.

When we look in the mirror and talk down on ourselves, about the shape of our bodies, skin color, how we’re not good enough, and all that negativity, most times, we talk ourselves out of that negativity that we feel towards ourselves . Its simply reminding ourselves how amazing we are, looking at ourselves as blessings, understanding our bodies , and establishing the fact that we’re good enough . Sometimes we make plans to change what we do not like when we look at the mirror .

But how you do deal with negative emotions you feel towards people? “ I do not like this person” “This woman just annoyed me” whatever it may be. Try the mirror approach. You wouldn’t like how you look when you’re angry, so first, you’d need to fix your face . Next you’d have to express how you feel, why you feel that way, honestly just rant. There’s a slight chance you’d laugh somewhere during your rant, but at the end, a ray of positivity would come through.

Talk to yourself about the negative emotions you feel toward someone else the same way you’d talk about the negative feelings you feel about yourself, and correct it .

I hope this mirror technique helps you! Let me know when you try it, or if you’ve ever tried it .



  1. Looking in the mirror when I’m pissed off makes me laugh 😂 and serif has a way of easing the tension. I don’t like moving around with a long face either so I just end up wiping off the annoying look from my face

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  2. I have the most ugly face when I’m mad pissed. Staring at the mirror definitely cracks me up and I stand there for hours, if nobody comes to get me, and make convos upon convos. Man’s weird sha😂

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