*dusts cobwebs*


It’s been so long here damn! I posted just 5 times last month, Omo.

How have you been ???How’s work? How’s that stuff you’re learning or studying coming on? How’s business???? How’s that plan? You know, all that juicy stuff?

Happy new month to you! How was July for you? My Mind is telling me “let bygones be bygones”, but I just have to speak (I get coconut head, I no dey hear word 😭). If last month was human, I’d rate them as mid, not ugly , not drop dead gorgeous. Just mid. It wasn’t greattttt and it wasn’t that bad. E just dey. Plus it didn’t want to end! The months that have 31 days be doing the most.

It was a busy one, and this month would most likely be busier , expect beautiful content. I’m excited for my podcast coming up too.

How was last month for you? What are your plans for August? Spillll🌚

This is a check up post, I’ll be here again tomorrow. See ya!

Iyanu ❤️


  1. Omooo😂…the month was just dragging 😪..but we move sha …my plans this month🤔…try to check for more online courses to make my life better 😅

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