What If

The thought that if we had done things differently, if we had chosen another path, gone the other way, chosen that other course, not met this person ,not met that person, we’d have ended up in a different place other than where we are at the moment. This gives birth to a lot of “what if’s” and “maybes” . As individuals, majority of us are thankful for where we are, just like me, I am grateful for where I am, but my mind does that thing where it goes faraway into wonderland, I’m sure yours does it too.

No matter how grateful we are, there’s always a sprinkle of “what if “once in a while . These thoughts may be good or bad, and like they say, positivity always. I have a few thoughts of mine, and I try to not dwell too much on them, but they are always there in the background.

First of all, if the situation in the world wasn’t existing at this moment, and ASUU wasn’t doing what it does best, I’d be writing final exams, ready to be free from the entanglement I’m in with school.

Secondly , if I wasn’t studying microbiology in Ekiti state university, I’d probably be studying something related to art or money in Unilag or UI. And this would have been possible if my dad just said Yes to my demands when I was in Jss3. (This story is for another day) .

In addition, if I wasn’t placing my focus on writing, I would have been a model(mó set guys, mó set) . I’d probably be one badass photographer 😭,making money, y’all would most likely know me as Iyanu Sinzu , Iyanu funds, etc.

Lastly if I wasn’t born in Nigeria 😂😂. Well, you know the vibes.

The thought of “what if” doesn’t fade away entirely,and if you were to keep going on and on, retracing events that have happened in the past years, wondering if you had chosen the other path, wondering how’d it’d have turned out, there’s a whole lot, but we move, make the most of situations around us, you know, just doing the best we can. I am doing the best I can, and I’m excited for where I’m headed , are you?

Let me hear a bit of all the spicy “what if’s “ that’s on your mind.

See ya!



  1. Iyanu Sinzu😂 ‘What ifs’ will always come and go, we just need to remain grateful and not dwell on past decisions🥰 You are a great writer, keep it up Sinzu❤️

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  2. Iyanu spending!😂…you know you can still do all those things while still being a very good writer.
    Let’s allow the talents of yours to explode out of your body nowwww biko🤲🏾

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  3. What if momsy was still alive?…. I’d have prolly been in Chelsea academy right now or about to… I can play ball I promise 🙇🏾‍♂️… Yes!… Chelsea football club… The man my mum was talking with his son is there now… My mum was their family friend… But he disappeared ones momsy left.

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  4. I keep daydreaming about the “what ifs” and I know that even if I can’t change it, I could live in the now and do better, instead of being bitter and grumbling. Thank you🥺

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