5 random things that boosts my creativity and productivity.

As a creative, some of the ideas I get come from the most random spots , and when I’m doing the most random thing. When these things happen, I work faster, and better . I’ll be sharing random things that automatically boosts my productivity rate, and random places I get ideas. It’s like once these things happen or when the atmosphere is set, my brain comes up with new ideas and all that. You might be able to relate, who knows?

  1. I get super productive when there is light. I function better, and I get work done faster when there is light. It’s safe to say nepa inspires me.
  2. Presence of Food: The idea that there is something to eat by my bedside or in the kitchen is also a great motivation. Food makes me happy, food is life dears.
  3. After a bath: I think a lot, and staying in the bathroom without music increases the amount of things I think about . Once I get out of that zone, the ginger to write comes in full force.
  4. A new Journal: a new and fresh journal gives me goosebumps! My creativity level moves up by a million. My brain gets excited like “yo sis, what beautiful things are we filling this beautiful book with?”
  5. Pretty pictures: Visiting Unsplash and Pinterest are one of my favorite things to do. The clear pictures births ideas in my head, and I begin to work, write short drafts and what not.

There! Those are my top five random things that boosts my creativity and productivity. What’s yours ? I’ll be waiting in the comments 🎈.

Iyanu ❤️


  1. I can relate to everything. But you see that bath aspect, it is while I am in the process. So sometimes, I pause, take my phone and note things down lest I forget.😅

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