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Omo get inside. 1

If you don’t fall in this category, you’re lucky

All things being equal, i should be a bAdDIe, going out on dates , enjoying every amazing food that’s out there, by now I should have found my other half , living my life , but as the saying goes, this life no balance. Every stage I get to in life, I always feel like now my parents should let me go out more , but one can only wish. I’m an Omo get inside. Omo get inside in English is,”child get inside”. This means you have to ask your parents before you can leave the house, and sometimes, you have to inform them 2-3 working days before the main day: this doesn’t guarantee that you’ll leave the house anyway. 70% of the time , the answer is No. speaking based on experience.

“mum please can I go out?”, is different from “mum,I’m going out “

First one reeks of omo get inside.

Your chances of leaving the house as an Omo get inside increases when;

  • your parents are familiar with the person you’re going out with, and by familiar I mean, they know your friends parents, You went to the same school, all that stuff.
  • If they’ve seen your friend before. This is when your said friend has visited you a couple of times.
  • If this friend is a girl( for me)

Why are you going to her house if she hasn’t come here before?

this Line right here, hm. Forgehaboureet.

My type of “Omo get inside” is not the regular one, mine comes with extra toppings. I have to inform my father 72 hours before I’m allowed to go out with a friend that’s a woman. And if it’s a man, oh well, you do the math. Plus, the phone number of who I’m going out with would be collected and saved , my mum would call and sprinkle “remember you’re a child of God, be home before 6” . One of you reading this is an omo get inside but you know how to maneuver, please give me hints. If you’re not an Omo get inside, what exactly do you tell your parents before they let you leave the house?

Please let me know🥺. I’ll be waiting for your suggestions in the comment section 😭. See you later.


19 replies on “Omo get inside. 1”

Lmao, I am laughing so hard at this cause a friend of mine just called me Omo get inside. tbh I just tell them I am going out and when I am back I collect the regular shout.

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As at now I’m going through this and the fact that there’s COVID-19 has even made it even worse.
What I hear everytime is “don’t you know there’s social distancing”🤦🏾‍♀️

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Honestlyyy! The pandemic made it worse😭.
Lmaooo social distancing😂.
We’d get through this


Lmaoo. I was like this before, but eventually, I gathered courage .😌 do this


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