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The Interview . 1

Yo! here’s the surprise i said i had for you ! if you can’t relate to what i’m saying, check here quickly ! I’ll be sharing an interview that i had with the install brand. My favorite clothing brand 😉

The Install Brand. Get happiness through strong + classy fashion

The install brand is a Nigerian fashion brand run by Adewale Olufunsho Raphael . This brand creates and puts out one of the most beautiful wears ever (my candid opinion). In additon to creating beautiful designs , the brand also brands for companies. In this interview, Adewale Olufunsho known as funsho install, Baba install, shares his challenges, his inspiration, and where he sees the brand in the nearest future.

Iyanu: How did you develop interest in fashion designing?

Install: i honestly just wanted to survive and at the time,my class mates loved every outfit i had on. so yeah i decided to start selling

Iyanu: how was growing up like in relation to your interest in fashion designing?

Install: well, i just wanted to be seen as a clean guy, but growing up had no effect per say.

Iyanu: the brand name Install, what was the idea behind it ?

Install: *laughs* its a covenant between myself and God.

Iyanu: what is the best part to you about fashion designing?

Install: i think its the fact that one brand beats my designs, they are spiritual.

Iyanu: what brands if i may ask?

Install : any nigerian brand *laughs* just saying though

Iyanu: what has been your biggest challenge so far ?

Install: the country is the biggest challenge in itself. manpower and electricity too.

Iyanu: do you work alone? do you look forward to employing more people?

Install: haba, *laughs* only me ke. i have a great team and we are definitely looking forward to building a stronger army.

Iyanu :if you werent designing and making outfits, what line would you be in?

Install: i’d probably be a diplomat or join the U.S army .

Iyanu: the U.S army, interesting! What motivates you to keep going?

Install: the fear of jumping around asking people to help me so i can feed.

Iyanu: asides fashion, what other things are you into?

Install: sleeping and eating*laughs* . i help with interior decorating, i also do music and motivate my friends to keep pushing .

Iyanu: living the good life i see. whats one thing you wish you knew before going into fashion designing full time? , what advice would you give to an upcoming /young person coming into the industry?

Install: What I wish I knew, hmmmm nothing really tho except from the fact that you need a great level of confidence to succeed. Advice advice
Take your time my people, Gods time is the best. 😘 fast and pray just like I do.

Iyanu: Where do you see your brand in the nearest future ?

Install: The biggest fashion brand out of Africa.

Iyanu: Install wayyyyyyyyyy
E for energyyyy . One thing you’d like to tell the readers?Personally I’d say

Install: Legoooooo 😂😂😂

Shop install! Your wardrobe isn’t complete if you don’t own a shirt by install Instagram:@theinstallbrand , @funsho_install .

See you guys tomorrow 🥳.


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