My 5 favorite quotes .

Honestly , I can’t remember where I read/ saw these , but one thing is , immediately I saw them, I knew it was meant for me, to learn and live by. It changed my perspective, geared me to work harder and all that. I hope you pick up something from here too. Enjoy.

Show up, keep showing up. Somebody successful said 99% of success is just showing up.

I love this one. All I see is “be consistent “. This is what fuels me even when it’s hard.

You are what you do. Not what you say, not what you believe, not how you vote, but what you spend your time on.

This one! Very explanatory. Straight to the point. Think about it

Pros are just amateurs who know how to gracefully recover from their mistakes

This particular one is plastered in my head, combined with the first one I shared. Like hey girl, get up , get up! Keep going

Learn how to learn from those you disagree with, or when offend you. See if you can find the truth in what they believe .

It’s not every time gra gra . Learn.

The more you’re interested in others , the more interesting they find you. To be interesting, be interested .

I’m learning. You should too.

That’s all guys, I hope you learnt something new! See you tomorrow.


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