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Stranger things

Hi! I’m back. Feels so good to be back. I missed your visits on here. I was away due to minor technicalities but here I am. How are you?! How’s the week coming on? I’m sure you’re killing it steadily. If you’re new here, welcome 🖤. It’s the 23rd day of my 30 day blogging challenge, I’ve posted for 20 days, you should catch up on other posts at the end of this one. Enjoy .

While I was away, I continued reading books, writing and watching game of thrones – the episodes are so long…I better keep quiet. Plus, I stumbled on this online tech magazine, you should totally check it out. P.s it has a section on how to make home made bombs! Click here to download. I’m amazing, I link you to the best stuff, I know, and you’re welcome.

Later this week, I’d be sharing with you an interview with an amazing individual who is good at what he does, super hardworking, and the result of all of that is really beautiful .You’d love it. It’s a surprise so I won’t disclose who. I do not like surprises, do you? I’d let it pass if you’re doing something real cute, let’s say crediting my account with a lot of money, or a surprise party or something. Okay I’m spreading. Back to this guys! This week, you’d read about an amazing person here.

Today, I’ll be sharing a little something I wrote, I hope you like it .


Stranger things

Who is a stranger? Someone you don’t know, someone you know nothing about, but, someone who you’ve met can also be a stranger isn’t it? Am I wrong ? What do you call a person you’ve never met but you’ve talked, laughed over a lot of things, learnt a lot , you’ve grown sort of, there’s a form of friendship, but you’ve never met. Do you still call that person a stranger? An acquaintance perhaps, nah, still doesn’t add up. I mean, you haven’t met physically… This doesn’t make a lot of sense honestly.

I fall in love with a strangers I meet online. The word stranger doesn’t quite suit them because, as aforementioned, this doesn’t make sense . I hear their voices , I see pictures, talked about how much I Stan Amala and how much I love cats. They’ve made me laugh, and most of them, the sarcasm? Fluent . You realize patterns don’t you? Series of events that happen over time with different people, and it’s the same cycle. This happens every time ; me falling in love with voices , vibes, and fragments of what they look like. Year after year, it’s the same old story .

It’s all fun, sweet, exhilarating, mind blowing in fact. How it comes crashing down is very uncomfortable. I’m not surprised, I mean, how can I? I always see it coming, with patterns comes signs, you can never be wrong. Could I then say I fell in love ? Love sounds like a pretty strong word. Love doesn’t just die , or does it? I doubt I’d ever understand. Let’s just say I like men and women with really nice voices who make me laugh. The funny people win. All the time.


That’s it for today guys! Let me know what you think and what you’re doing this week. See you tomorrow! Tomorrow isn’t promised so I’ll tell you a secret now; I love you.

Iyanu ✨

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