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Changes. 2

Reflect, release, reenergize – Billy Chapata.

Do you ever sit and zone out ? Your mind wanders to events that happened days, weeks, months, even years ago. There are varieties of emotions that may follow. You realize a few things that you had no idea about then, or a scene from a movie might just make more sense to you. Sometimes, the meaning of something that was said to you just becomes clearer.

Sometimes, there could be a sprinkle of “oh I guess I must have overreacted ” , “I shouldn’t have”, “i should have ” . Other times we may burst into laughter from a joke someone said, probably get motivated when certain scenarios are remembered, energy is refilled because you suddenly remember where you’re coming from, who you really are, and why you have to make it.

Whatever it is, change has taken place . There’s a change in certain characters that you posses as an individual. The change in those characters or mindset, is the difference in who you were then, and who you are now. No matter how little it is, it’s growth. Progress. You’ve learnt. Keep working to be a better version of yourself, and be thankful for where you have gotten to today. Keep moving!

Iyanu ❤️

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