Living the life

If I was in school, I’d be on my way to class to study, junk food in my bag, walking with my friends and my brother. We’d most likely be talking about how our day went and what we’re going to eat at night, making jokes and talking about random stuff. Do I miss school ? No. Not in the slightest. My Glo service wouldn’t be showing me Pepper like this but still. I don’t miss it. Right now, I’m home doing what I love the most- writing , sitting outside, enjoying the fresh air and Glo is showing me Pepper.

It’s really quiet here. Every other person is inside , on their phones, doing something. Do I love my house? Yes . Why do I prefer my house to school? I can do what I love comfortably. In school, I have to focus on school work and all of that. How would I cope when I get back to that school? Now that I’m energized , I can firmly say when we get to that bridge we’d cross it. Even if the two times I’ve tried crossing that bridge, it was hm. But positivity always innit?

Unlike the other Monday I had sometime last month, today’s quite the opposite, and I’m glad😅. Nobody likes stress. I’m here checking in on you. What plans do you have this week? For me, I’ll be adding a few things to my routine, my summer body plan is starting this week – exercising and eating healthy. I’d be taking that design class really serious too. Plus I’m letting go of things I can’t control and appreciating myself more. Babygirl week x. Let me know what’s new on your list this week.

See ya✨


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