The first time I went to the hospital alone.

The one thing that stopped me from going to sickbay in secondary school was the stress of looking for my card. Now that I’m the university, i don’t even have health center card . Anyway, there was this time I had this serious pain in my right leg in school, like I said, no health center card so the health center was out of it . I couldn’t just go to any pharmacy because i felt it too serious for a place where they only sold drugs. And the hospital? Felt like a strange word- I have ever been to the hospital alone.

I got a doctor’s number from a friend thinking she’d just tell me the drugs to get and all that. But every conversation we had led to me going to the general hospital and getting treatment. I went with my best girl on Tuesday evening to the hospital, I got to the department the doctor directed me me to . It was so calm , there was no noise, just a few guys charging their phones, and a few other people working late. In my mind I thought, tomorrow morning would be so smooth. I’d just come here, meet the doctor, get treatment and move.

The next morning, I went alone. I went super early because I had a class by 10. Wait for it. The crowd I met was unbelievable. Like wait what?? Am I in the wrong place ? Is this not the family department? Sweet baby Jesus. I… . Breathe in breathe out I said to myself. I scanned the entire place and I took the first step. I walked to the first little window and met the angry face of a woman. I greeted her “good morning na, I’m here to see the dermatologist ” she looked at me like ?!? ” do you have a card?” My answer was negative . She told me to move to the next window. There was a line. I saw this girl with her parents, her parents were running it for her in fact. I saw a grown man too with his wife running the whole card thing. Deep heavy sigh.

It got to my turn eventually and this woman looked at me like I was supposed to be with someone. I smiled at her and I told her I was here to get my card . She started asking questions like “are you a fresher ?” In my mind I thought it was only those people in school that’d ask questions like that. My smile faded. me that I’m in final year God please. I said “no ma, I’m in my final year” she started saying “ehnehn oh really, you don’t look like it ” so I look like a fresher. Okay . Just tell me what next to do.

After paying for the card and in my mind I was like where is this doctor now? I was led to another section to WAIT! Ah. Class is even cancelled first of all. But I stayed because my lecturer no send if I die . Time went by, someone came to enlighten us about food nutrition, I got my bp checked and I had got another speech . Now this was getting really annoying. More annoying because everyone had someone with them!!! And you know all that stuff . And I was just there with a dead phone, staring at people and listening to Ek radio.

Finally it got to my turn, this man was nice, straight to the point, asked important questions, prescribed drugs and I went out to get it. I thought they were going to ask cash or card but ah. I had to go out with my bad leg to withdraw and give cash. This life. Hm. I missed my mum so much at that point . Because what’s this stress??

I don’t want to ever go to the hospital alone, or ever in fact. If Ekiti was that stressful, how would Lagos general hospital be like?

Moral Lesson: don’t go to the general hospital alone. This adulting thing is a scam. Just go to a private hospital.

Bye guys!

Have a great week, see you tomorrow ✨


7 replies on “The first time I went to the hospital alone.”

Don’t try Lagos hospitals I’d say!… That your leg would have stopped walking before you see doctor that you’d still pay to see like he’s Apostle Paul from the Bible..
My grandma leaves the house for her tests and checkups by 7am… And she comes back by 4:30 to 5 in the evening… 💔

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