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The cycle

Hey there amazing individual! Welcome to day 13 of my 30 day blogging challenge. If you’re here for the first time, check out other posts, I promise you’d have an amazing read. And if this isn’t your first time, eyin temi bawo ni o shewa? I’m glad you’re back here. I’d be sharing something I wrote when I was in school, I hope you enjoy!


It’s the chirping of birds that triggers me the most. Why would they make so much noise this early? Reminds me of a scene from an horror movie. Why would anyone love horror movies?. Phone battery flat, no light, and a half full bucket of water in the bathroom. Half full? Half empty? There’s a pain in my stomach and what’s this unnecessary backache? Why is my brain on such a spiral this early? Why are my neighbors so loud? Where do they get all that energy from in the morning? It’s 6:58, water in the well would have gone down and of course it’d be dirty . I should have woken up earlier! What’s wrong with me ?

Breathe Fali, breathe. I remind myself. Calm down, slow down. It’s just another day. “Did you have nightmares? ” “No”. “Did you have a bad day yesterday ? ” I ask myself again. Once again the answer is no. Yesterday was great really. I spent time with great friends which is honestly the best thing to happen to anybody in this dead ass state. I want to go home. “Next question please” I say to my mind. “How’s work going?” ” It’s great honestly, it’s balanced now. I’ve submitted articles for this week . Although I still freak out sometimes but hey I’m hoping for the best “. “What in the world of butterflies is wrong with you then?!?” I feel my subconscious mad at me because really , I had a great day yesterday. Why do I feel so mad and angry this morning.

Why didn’t I wake up earlier? I should have fetched water last night. I really should have. I don’t even have fetcher . It’s 7:15 now , I better get ready I said to myself. As I walked back and forth in my room setting things in order, I stopped in front of my calendar. It’s the 11th today. Oh shit. It’s my period! That’s why I woke up cranky. That also explains the pain in my stomach and my lower back. I burst into laughter. This isn’t even funny. Why do periods have to be so dramatic?!? I face palm myself and walk into the bathroom.

That’s it guys!I’m sure most women can relate to this. not the suffer suffer part because that’s my school life, but the crankiness , mood swings and all that. It’s almost the same for every woman.

Anyway, see you tomorrow!

Iyanuthegreat 🤪

P.s I attend Ekiti State University.

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