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My Go-To Apps

Hey there! What are the apps you can’t do without? The ones that even when there’s no data and you’re sharing hotspot you’d open. I’ll be sharing a few of mine

-Wordpress: duh. This is one app I visit everyday!

-WhatsApp: here’s where I advertise a lot. Sending them cute regular broadcast messages . Plus catching up with friends and family.

-Instagram: my cute photos go on here sometimes you know. At this point, I think I’m just a story poster and viewer.

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-Audiomack: I honestly don’t know how my life would be without music. So this app >>>>

-Canva : practice makes perfect they say, so yes. I keep practicing how to make beautiful logos , blog graphics and all that.

-Pinterest : this is where I find pictures of any kind! Every single kind of photo. The range >>>>

-Unsplash: The pictures on here are so beautiful! Too too beautiful.

-Twitter: twitter is great, but I’m not exactly active. I’m mostly on there to retweet .

-YouTube: YouTube makes me happy😂. I know I promised a YouTube channel once upon a time . But oh well …

These are apps I visit everyday. Including every browser, because work, sometimes Snapchat when I’m feeling cute. This list might be the same as yours , if there’s any app that’s on mine and not on yours, let me know!

Cheers to the weekend. Everyday is the weekend technically except for those who are working but still! Head on to Pesh to view jams you should add to your playlist today. View their services too love.

See you tomorrow!


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