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5 overrated meals.

Hi there! What’s popping? I’m sure you’re curious to know what’s on my list , but hear me out. This list is standard and personal. I can’t fight but we will fight. Enjoy! I saw a list like this on a blog, and I thought why not make my list too? So here I am, you know, about to shake all those tables this doesn’t apply here but anyway you get the vibes.

1. Topping my list today, is the famous Ofada rice. I know I know. Don’t say ah. Relax. What’s so intriguing about ofada rice? And the stew? Why is it so Peppery? How do you eat something hot and peppery when it’s not pepper soup? Way too overrated. The ones that say it’s better when you eat it in a leaf. Dear, it’s deliverance you need.

2. Next on this list is Pounded yam. No noise please. Relax. It’s bad enough that you eat yam, but you go ahead to pound it ? And eat with egusi? Jesus be a shield. This doesn’t come from my deep rooted hate for yam(I’m lying ) News flash: I’m from Ekiti and I do not like yam, pounded yam or anything yam related.

3. Haha, this food is what I’ll consider mid. Jollof rice . Nothing beats Nigerian jollof they say, I’m not saying it’s not great . It is just overhyped, and overhyping makes it mid💀. I’d choose fried rice over jollof rice. It is overrated. And that’s facts.

4. Rice and beans. The dining hall on Wednesday afternoons in secondary school used to be filled! For what? Rice and beans. Why? What’s special about it? Nothing.

5. Lastly, inserts evil laughter ,Amala. Amala Stans please rest. Relax o. Hm. Calm down. Let me whisper something into your ear, Amala isn’t all that.

Imma head out now, See you tomorrow!

Oh just Incase you were thinking what food I love with my whole heart, check Here.

Love and light.

Iyanuthegreat ✨💕

26 replies on “5 overrated meals.”

Esssss! Aunty, the only reason why that table you’re on won’t break is because you said your list is personal, if not ehn.
Anyways, you’re free to tok your tok…
Kwantinu tokin oo!!!

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I only agree with you on ofada rice and egusi…those things should be banned and I always knew you didn’t like jollof rice..but now I’m wondering how we’re friends when you don’t even like amala🥴🥴…how???

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