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Lessons from a blogger.

The hardest part about blogging for me is sitting down to write! Blogging looks easy, Feels easy, heck sounds pretty much easy if you ask me. I’m sure you’re thinking ; “is it not just to write and collate words?” “Ordinary to share stories and ideas? “It’s not just that. Hear me out.

Sitting down to write is hard . Yes the content is set, i know what I’m giving to people, it’s all in my head, the images, videos to include, all set. Sitting down to add things up to make the magic happen, is a tough thing. I keep reminding myself about what I’m supposed to do!

Mind: yo Iy, you’re supposed to put and article up today.

Me: yeah I know, it’s all mapped out in my head . I’d do it soon

10 minuets gone and I’m still on twitter, an hour waltzes by and oh shit. THE ARTICLE!

Next I begin to second guess what I’ve planned. “This picture isn’t right”, “today’s mood isn’t matching what I planned to write “. I start over. Time isn’t waiting for me, the day’s almost over and , still no article. I had a plan, it was all in my head,writing it down and making it a reality became a chore .

How I got it right.

I took a course at the beginning of this lockdown, and i learnt quite a lot. It felt like the course was meant just for me. In every single video, I saw myself . I kept face palming myself. Not because I wasn’t good enough, not because I didn’t have those ideas , I wasn’t just organized . I started Planning . Every single thing.

  • I learnt 3 major things In the course I took.
    • Planning
      Focus and

    Those three things were the keys I lost, and found. This applies to a lot of things /activities, not just blogging. I learnt to organize every single blog post. In the beginning I thought it quite hard. I mean, I was the blog on the go type . Whatever I see , I learn, and share with you. That’s not bad, but it made me lazy. After a few lessons , and putting what I learnt to play, I’ve realized it isn’t rocket science, it’s pretty much easier to plan.

    Planning my content makes me move faster. There’s no fear of “what do I post today?” ” is this good enough?” These three things I learnt at the beginning of this lockdown has guided me not just in my blogging career , but in my day to day activities, and my job.

    That’s one lesson, oh , make that three lessons for you today. Plan it, focus, be consistent!

    Love you!

    See you tomorrow ✨


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