Can you keep a secret?

Itโ€™s no longer a secret if I tell you is it?

It’s no longer a secret if I tell you is it ? But here I am, about to expose my deepest secret to you. Are you excited? What are you feeling right now? I’m sure you’re wondering what tea I’m about to spill, or what kind of secret would this girl have? Well , you should be count yourself lucky because, I think you’re pretty much amazing ,so you wouldn’t be a tattle tale . I’m right aren’t I?

I trust you a lot don’t you think? For me to choose you to spill my secret to. I ask again, can I count on you? Okay okay, I’d get on with the secret already. Relax. Do you have any secrets? Maybe we could trade secrets for secrets. Oh okay I see, it depends on the kind of secret I tell you isn’t it ? I get it . Tit for tat.

What are secrets anyway? Don’t you dare roll your eyes at me. What do you think they are? I think they’re just occurrences that can’t be shared. Or emotions. Emotions are occurrences too right? Are you beginning to get where I’m headed with this? Are you lost? Hey hey hey! Don’t scroll to the end looking for answers! We’d take this paragraph after paragraph. Feel me?

Here’s the secret. Suspenseful music plays, cricket sounds, frogs are also doing their thing. I think the Hausa man that sells pepper to my mum is cute. I know I know. It’s my secret remember? Who said it had to be a big bad secret. You’re the first person to know. Sh.

See ya!

Please don’t kill me.

Iyanuthegreat ๐Ÿฆ‹

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