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The first time I fell in love

Love? What?

You’re probably expecting a cute story or an hilarious one, a sad story or a combination of all three. But this right here, is none of the above. My love life has always been cruise. It still is.

What is love? If you ask me, na who I go ask? I’ve still not found the perfect answer to that asides Jesus is love, my one true love. Love is really simple according to This. But you see, this life is very inside and ko balanze. My heart is showing me a slideshow of people that I thought I fell in love with at various points in my life, and I have no words. Let’s just thank God for life and good friends.

I’m not sure how his love thing works. It gets confusing sometimes. I’ve had someone wake up and just tell me they didn’t feel the same way anymore. Na so love dey vanish? Or the part where there are mind games, oh the mind games. You’re in love with me today and then the next day , it’s just vibes. Hm ,Wetin my eye don see for “love” street, opor.

Anyway, I think that I’ve really liked people, liked them enough to make sacrifices, or go the extra mile. I can’t use love in this context because of the reasons why it didn’t work out . These reasons make me wonder if they ever felt anything at all, or if I ever felt anything. Therefore, I wouldn’t like to play myself .

In conclusion, I’m a really hard lover so it’s quite easy to break my little heart. But at the same time, once a gangster, always a gangster . We move. Maybe one day, I’d share a proper story. If you read this rant about my love life up until this point, tell me about the first time you fell in love! Comment , send me a mail if you can. I’d love to listen to your beautiful stories ! Here’s why.

See ya!

Iyanuthegreat 🦋

5 replies on “The first time I fell in love”

LOVE is a strong word…I believe.
Frankly, most times nobody ever really loved you… We think they do but they don’t… Sometimes they subconsciously say, think, or feel they do…. Same goes with you’ll the complainer… We think we did love them…. The poor orientation and little or no knowledge about love in us has programmed feelings, first impressions, appearance, character,vanity as what defines love… Nonetheless, they are all in alliance with love but LOVE is a core with layers.. all of the above are just on a layer possibly the outermost layer… Now love is built with whoever you feel for or like… Love is patient… Love does not happen at first sight… Forget all those gist.. even after they love at first sight they still work on bonding and understand so… Who “first sight” epp?!.
Love comes with sacrifice…. Love should not be based on trust they’re two different bridges to cross…. See we are all humans we dissapoint, we fail… So a quick advice.. love human beings don’t trust them… Bcoz if you trust them, their imperfections and errors will break you… Nobody live a rehearsed life, you feel me?!.
Back to love… Love is unconditional.. love is not picky, selective… You’d be surprised that if you ask God to clearly show you who he sees as right for you, it’d be someone you won’t even greet or talk to..not to talk of like on a normal day so… that explains what I meant by love is not picky or selective…. Love is like a seed it has to grow… You don’t rush love… It has to grow in you and in the person it’s not a day thing… Love is also understanding…. Very important one there…
Love comes with patience bcuz you can’t say you love someone without really knowing her..or him in this case… So him/her as he or she is… Once you love righly this way, every other thing would be easy to reach and get… And God will love you both for the fact that you really love yourselves… And you know it, if God loves you no one can break you or put asunder…
So… Suffice to say we haven’t found who love we, and or you’ll haven’t been loving righly… May God help us to love rightly and help us find who’d love us right. Amen..🙏🏽
muchas gracias por leer mi comentario. Ciao!.


This life no just get balance like you said!!!If we start to talk we no go finish
So this is me sending love💕💕 to those women like us who are constantly desired but never loved all the way through.

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Yes o🥺
Thank you🥺🥺💕💕
Stay jiggy😂❤️


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