Things I’d love to learn

These past few days has not been the best for me, well, the world in general, But I think the beauty is when we keep going, keep fighting , just doing whatever we can . Sometimes, In situations like this, a moment comes where every things feels like it’s crashing, your mind takes you on a emotional roller coaster, you get weak and just meh . Doing what you love doing becomes something you don’t have capacity to do. I mean, I love to write but I couldn’t . But we keep moving innit?

To get out of my phase where I felt very defeated, I talked to my boo @Faduxxx love you boo😌❤️, slept a lot, listened to old music and prayed. I’m definitely out of that phase. What do you do when you feel like this? Let me know in the comments.

Anyway I’m here now, although I missed a day, or two technically. Glad to be back honestly 😅. Do you feel the need to learn new things? Or acquire a skill? I’d be sharing a few things I’d love to learn soon, or never😅.

    Topping the list is the desire to drum. Ugh. Drummers have a place in my heart🥺. Their energy is everything ! This falls into the never category by the way
    • Next is how to paint . Yes yes😅 you read that right. I just want to know how to paint skillfully not because I feel the urge to change my room painting the same way I change my wallpaper l
    • I’d really like to learn how to sew like a pro. Garment making classes in Queens college were useless by the way. Soon I’d have my own Clothing line. Speaking it into existence. I already make tote bags for personal use. Maybe , just maybe I’d start sales.
    • I used to know how to play the violin in primary school. Now, haha. Anyway I really want to learn how to play again, maybe it’d become my go to place when I’m down.

    Share with me what you’d love to learn in the comments!

    See you tomorrow!🦋


    8 replies on “Things I’d love to learn”

    I’d love to learn how to make braids very well…i tried braiding my hair myself because…lockdown😂
    And I did pretty well, I loved it actually.
    And if I ever had the chance to learn to play any musical instrument, it’ll be the guitar🥺

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    Lockdown ignited the talent! Niceee.
    The guitar x your amazing voice . Ugh🥺😩😩❤️


    Honestlyyy for me I just cry and then sleep and if I’m trying to do hard guy, I’d pep talk myself. last last it’s pray and then sleep. I sometimes think of myself as a very good drummer but hmm.

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    When Im done I let it all out, I just cry basically. I used to wana talk to people about how i feel but that kind changed a long time ago. I wish i could actually play a musical instrument😩

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    The sleep after the tears always slaps 🥺.
    Should we register for music school together?😂


    I want to learn how to drum also! Whenever I’m able to, I just make sounds on the drums, but e no dey make most of the time 💀 Plus, I just try to sleep/talk to someone when I feel down sha, cause if I dwell on it bayii, hmmm

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    Faduxxxx 😹.E no dey make🥺,and e do usually pain💀.
    Hm o. Hm.
    The sleep and talks >>>>>>


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