Birthday 🎉, ft 30 day blog challenge

Birthday post ft. 30 day challenge

Currently I’m wearing my Dad’s tee, sitting on my favorite couch, catching up on gists with my my boo Bolu ,waiting for jollof,and listening to wizkid and jhus. Premium chills innit? Birthday in this period?Well, we thank God for life. There’s not a lot of excitement you know, the situation in the world isn’t all that at the moment, life is pretty sad.

Last month, I planned a 30 day blogging challenge which would start today, and run through the month of June. I really hope Nepa doesn’t sly me. I’d be sharing a few facts about my amazing self **sips wine. This list is in no particular order .

  • I’m 20 today🎉
  • I’m an amazing human.
  • I study microbiology in Ekiti state university . Can’t wait to be out of here btw
  • I’m a QCOG. Queen’s college old girl
  • I like to think I sing really well, if you deep it, I actually can. Just that hm.
  • I have a really great memory but it fails me sometimes when it comes to school work,lets just say we thank God for life .
  • Alaye sometimes, princess sometimes.
  • I love bread and beans. Ugh. I love spaghetti more btw.
  • I’m a Christian. I love God .
  • My glasses are recommended ! Mans kent focuz wi-ouh eet.
  • I write a lot. A whole lot . Plus I’m an hoarder. I still have journals from primary school. I must say , I’m a pretty good writer.
  • I love good music. Any kind. Recommend songs below, I promise I’d listen .
  • I have a really sensitive skin and I do not like it. Small ori, black skin incoming, normal cream, I’m getting too light.
  • I’m the first child out of two, and I must say it’s quite stressful.
  • I can’t watch a film movie alone. Ah this.
  • I used to know how to dance. Trust me I had the moves.
    I’m a really picky eater.
    I love my friends a lot. If you’re my g, shalla to you.

That’s a few I can remember at the moment on this beautiful couch. Jollofs almost ready. See you tomorrow, early.

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Amazing bio you got there!… Good to see we have a few in common… The sweetest is we both june 1st children 🙂… Keep up the good work!

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[…] When I was younger,primary school level of young ,I always felt the need to document things. I mean, I’m pretty sure I had a great memory, I still have , but there were so many precious moments and otherwise that I feared that if I didn’t write them down, they’d all go away, I still feel like this. This feeling always has always fueled the hunger to write. P.s I still have a journal from the visit to the museum in primary 4. Shh,I told you I was an hoarder see Here . […]


Hi. You should listen to 80’s films by Jon Bellion, and “A world alone” by Lorde.
Happy Birthday btw Iyanu. May your name echo among the stars

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Hii. I loveee that song by Jon Bellion . Thank you, I’d listen.
Thank you so much.
Amenn, thank you🥺❤️


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