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Today’s the mondayest Monday I’ve ever mondayed in all the Mondays since this lockdown. It’s not much of a lockdown anymore but still, you get my point. I woke up really early to help my mum prepare for work, and also go to work with her. It’d have been better if the weather was favorable. But the rain, oh the rain. The rain breaks my heart so much. Don’t judge me, raining season requires you to wear more clothes, and I’m not a fan. In summary, today felt like a typical Monday in real time; corona virus x lockdown is not typical time. I got home tired, and without any desire to sleep.

Since I can’t sleep and I’m not in the greatest mood, I’ll share random things that I like. This reminds me of a scene in sound of music. I feel like a little child at the moment, but anything to make me happy isn’t it? Here’s a bunch of stuff that makes me happy. There are birthday gifts hints in there too. Birthday is June 1st. Another Monday! Haha. In no particular order, below are a few things that make me happy.

Randoms !

  • The start of a new journal: This right here makes me all giddy and excited! I love writing – obviously. The start of a new journal feels like the start of another journey. Just like starting a new journal makes me excited, running out of pages in my current one gives me mixed feelings.
  • Seeing my friends in love, AND HEARING THEM TALK ABOUT IT : This content right here guys!! Is what I love to see!! Extra sauce for the hard guy that falls in love eventually. It’s a really good feeling. Luv 2 c it.
  • Talking to individuals who know a lot more than I do on different topics: Basically, this equals learning new things. Learning from the right people is ughh. Gives me butterflies in my belly.
  • Hanging out with Close friends: the feeling with these people is unbeatable.
  • Going on twitter and finding a tweet that describes your current mood! My God! Those tweets find us . (Follow on twitter @iyanuthegreatt)
  • Research. Haha. Researching about the earth, and all that weird stuff.
  • Food: Food is amazing y’all. The thought of food being available is joy. Pure joy. The simple sentence “there is food” does a lot to me. If you feel the same way , telepathic fist bump.
  • Light: Even if all my devices are charged and there is really nothing else to do, I just love light. If I’m feeling down, light changes my mood. Haha.
  • Hyping my Friends : Send me those jpegs darling, “whose 9 months is this?”, “beautiful man”, “let me make you feel good”, “see as you set, you can’t waste dear!”. Hire me to be your hypeman today.
  • Good music! How do I explain this feeling? It’s just amazing. Recommend songs in the comment section!
  • Reading books about magic and love. There’s something about stories that have those two concepts in them.
  • Money! Credit alert makes everyone feel lighter. If you disagree,hm.
  • Learning something new that no one in my home knows about. Yes, you read that right. I love the feeling.
  • Ice cream 🥺🥺🥺. Y’all.
  • Going on Pinterest and saving beautiful pictures. Sweet sweet.
  • Tagging me in funny videos anywhere, mentioning me and saying “I saw this and thought about you” just so we’re clear everyone love this right? (Follow me on Ig @iyanuthegreat)
    When my blog is being broadcasted! I love you. Every single one of you who relate with me, and my blog. You make me happy.
  • Those are a few things I love. Share yours with me(this makes me happy too) . Plus I’ve dropped hints on gift ideas for my birthday 😂. Love you. I’d share earth and science facts tomorrow, see ya.
  • You’re amazing💜
  • Iyanuthegreat 🥂
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    “I no wan dey too forward”😂😂. I see. I bet you’re on her list too😌.


    The Mondayest Monday😂😂😂 Guyyy, you should read Children Of Blood and Bone, also Children of Virtue and Vengeance by Tomi Adeyemi. It had plenty magic and love too. Spaghetti should have been the first actually😂 And I didn’t see calling people out on their bs here sha💀

    Liked by 1 person

    Yess😂😂*scribbles furiously inside note** I’ll check them out😩. Love you boo


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