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Somewhere in the middle of your long day, have you ever felt like there’s something you’ve not done and you’re running out of time? Something you should have done but you haven’t and you can’t seem to place a grip on what it is. It’s an unsettling feeling trust me. But there’s a way out. An easy way to sort out tasks, keep yourself in check and manage your time.

A to-do list.

Yes , you’ve heard about this before . A list. And yes it is effective as it sounds. It’s probably not as compelling when you make it in search of a significant other. The movie nobody’s fool taught me that. Back to business sis. Writing or making a to-do list has been my all time favorite planning technique. If you know me personally, you’ll know I’m a list person. It’s super effective for day-day activities,weekly activities, even monthly plans. The best part about this list is , it doesn’t have a limit to what you can plan. From your super busy days to your lazy days to this period I’m sure you know what I mean.

Your to-do list depends on your lifestyle and what is on the list. The purpose of a to-do list is to keep in you in check, boost your time management skill and of course, to help you achieve more. If you’re diligent of course. A to-do list can be made at the start of the day, or the week, month even. A list such as a bucket list, is different from a to-do list. It sounds like the same thing, but a to-do list, includes a deadline which is within range. I consider a bucket list as a list of things to do In your life. It doesn’t include your day to day activities. It’s the end game of your day to day activities.

What to consider when making a list.

When making a list, you have to be specific . It gives you a clear sense of what you’re doing. Next, you point out the importance of each task. This means you tag your work. Tagging your work is outlining the tasks that are important,compulsory and the ones you can always do later. This helps to stay organized and in check. Personally, whatever that’s not tagged on my list can pass.

Your list can be written down in a book or a journal that you own. There are planners made specially for this. Writing in a journal is also a great way. Tip: make sure it’s handy. Like my my father would say, Technology has made everything easier. You can set reminders on your phone which could notify you important tasks to do. There are apps that you can use which would come with a reminder. Basically there’s a thing for everyone. If you would get distracted when you get a notification on your phone , oh okay let me quickly check twitter and Instagram crew, Write it down and keep that book handy. And on the other hand, if you’re not like that , your phone is your best guy.

Writing a to-do list keeps you me in check all the time. Forgetting something? Check your list. You have a day that’s going to be bursting with activities and you don’t want to forget all of the important stuff? Make a list, set reminders. You have a great idea ? Sis, make that list of things to do,Draw that plan.

Love ya!


4 replies on “Check ✅”

To do lists can sometimes make you feel you are falling behind especially when you cant tick everything off but it is actually fine. I think I am more productive with a to do list. Nice write up!

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Yooo, I actually make to do lists o but to follow it is the problem,. I think the best thing is to make a to do list but to live space for flexibility

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