6 ways to enjoy Ginger

Ginger has a sweet peppery flavor that complements the flavor in wherever it is used. It also has a lot of advantages in the health area. See Amazing benefits of Ginger.

Here’s a list of how ginger can be added to your meals.

  1. Add boiling water to a large chunk of ginger, add a squeeze of lemon, and honey.
  2. Add a spoonful of powdered ginger into a cup of coffee. This aids digestion, and keeps the brain active.
  3. Grate your ginger, allow it to sleep in boiling water, add little sugar. And viola !
  4. Ginger can be blended and added to other ingredients to make soup.
  5. Ginger can be added to sauce. It can either be grated, blended , or powdered . (Bonus, it can be used to make fries)
  6. Eat fresh.

Each method of consuming ginger listed above , is effective in relation to why you’re consuming it.

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