I hope to arrive my death, late, a little drunk and in love – Atticus

A Ghost’s POV

Do you believe In ghosts? I mean,like the way you believe God exists , or not? Do you think they’re real?

I think they they’re real,Because I am real. My parents told me ghosts wander about because they were killed before their time and they can’t rest.

What is rest really?

My life was already in total shambles and I needed to get away from it. No I didn’t commit suicide. I was killed.

I’m not sure I wanted to die, I wasn’t sure I wanted to be alive either. Here I am dead, but alive. Just without a body.

Nothing hurts anymore. The only good part is now I can know all the secrets. Am I ready for this? Don’t judge me . But don’t you wish you knew?. I kind of wish I could read minds now, but I doubt it comes with the ghost package.

I’d tell you what I’ve been up to and what I’m doing. But first let me tell you how I died.

It was the regular Friday atmosphere in Lagos. Parties everywhere and what not.

I ,together with a couple of friends had gone to one of those parties . Vibe was set. (We were all high ). I wasn’t the one driving, so I could get as lit as I wanted.

The party was it. Felt like I was hallucinating. I felt great. I was with the people I felt the safest with. The party was thrilling. Laughter, dancing, incoherent conversations.

Until I saw him. With someone else. Kissing.

Was it the brownies? Was I hallucinating ? Was I seeing things? The world was spinning around me and I had the power to press pause in my head. I walked slowly, at least I was slow in my head, towards them. It was really him. Hair dyed the usual color. It was him! I thought he had a business meeting . Maybe the business partners are here too- an excuse for him automatically came up in my head. I got closer. Her. She . I’m really not surprised. Numb, I stood in front of them, they didn’t realize for the first few seconds . When he looked up, our eyes met. And I ran. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. My head spinning, heart racing, mind in hollows ,drifting in and out of colors ,this trip was amazing yet disturbing . I stepped out. Fresh air. That’s what I need,or so I thought. Why did the air feel hot? I needed to get out of there .

Flashing lights, dimmed eyes , gunshots.

I fell to the ground. For a moment, My world stopped. He had followed me, so did my friends.

Black out.

Hi guys!

Here’s a piece I started a few years ago. Yes. A few years ago. I was going through my notes and found this unfinished piece. I decided to edit and share with you all. If you like this, drop comments and share. I’ll be updating this story in parts. Winks . Hits the woah. Let me know what you think in the comment section!!

In my last article, LoCkDoWn I mentioned that I’d be recommending songs in my next post- this one.

Below are a few songs I’ve been listening to this week, hope you like them.

  • I recently found this amazing artiste on twitter and I proceeded to download her songs on audiomack. You may or may not have come across her music , but she is fire! Her name is Fave. Check out Dal and NBU. You’re welcome.
  • Currently ,I’m listening to secret by Burna Boy. This doesn’t count , but it’s definitely a jam!
  • Show dem camp : these people make the best chill songs ever! Perfect for every mood. Yes. EVERY MOOD. Listen to the album Palmwine Express. I’d also recommend their old albums! Palmwine music I and 2
  • Similar to what I mentioned up there, you should listen to make e no cause fight 2 -Ajebutter22, BOJ, Falz. Premium vibessssss.
  • Can’t make a list of vibes without including my favorite person, Asa. Just listen to everything she sings.
    Oxlade-Oxygene : this album is the main thing! My favorite songs are tables turn and weakness.
    Want to listen to covers of great songs sang by someone who has a great strong voice, Moe’s playground is what you should listen to!
  • Away from the amazing people in Nigeria,I’ve revisited
  • – Daniel Ceaser
  • – Jhene Aiko. Listen to her latest album! Chilombo.

    -Dua Lipa: This woman makes amazing music back to back!

    -Tyler the creator : a friend of mine introduced me to sound. And you have to listen if you haven’t been listening!

    I’ve also been listening to Travis Greene! Beautiful beautiful music dears.

    That’s it for this week. Or the last? I mean I’ve lost count of days.

    Till I see you later this week! I love you, You’re amazing!



    14 replies on “Prologue.”

    Album recommendation…
    ‘Golden hour’ Kygo
    ‘After hours’ The weekend
    ‘Camila’ Camila Cabello
    Qveen Herby
    ‘Mind of mine’ Zayn Malik
    ‘manic’ Halsey
    ‘rainbow’ Kesha
    ‘it was good until it wasn’t’ Kehlani
    ‘high road’. Kesha
    ‘red pill blues’. Maroon 5
    ‘romance’. Camila Cabello
    ‘speak your mind’. Anne Marie
    ‘stoney’. Post Malone
    And Soo much more 🙂

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    Yoooo, it’s so beautiful! How did this take you years to finish😢😢😢 Can’t wait for the other parts shaa. Your music taste is 🔥🔥🔥although I have to disagree with you on the Oxygene Album, it didn’t slap like I expected, I even deleted it angrily 💀 But sha, e be tinzz😂


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