What have you been up to?

Hiii ! Just checking in! I know I’m not the only one who lost count of days until Good Friday and totally forgot what date it was after Easter. Anyway, what have you been up to?How are the things you planned on doing coming on? The exercises aka summer body movement ,the online courses, the research, basically anything that you’ve been up to these past few weeks . I really hope you’re crushing it and giving it your best.

To the people who are just chilling because you can’t actually kill yourself(I fall in this category on some days) , sleep-eat-press phone-watch movies-repeat gang, how’s it going? I’m honestly tired of buying data. I- this is not what I bargained for. (Cries in account balance ). It really be things.

Personally, I’ve been doing a lot of writing and studying. There were times I had to deal with major writer’s block (if you’re a writer seeing this,let me know what methods work for you in clearing your block. Thanks!) . Also, I’ve been learning a lot about Life, thanks to bonding moments with my mother over African magic Yoruba. (I’d share a few things later . Maybe?) . It’s been a weird ride. But I’m making the most of it – because why not? In addition,I’ve been figuring out new music! I’d give recommendations in next blog post!

I’ve also been thinking a lot. It’s what the lockdown does you know, sometimes you get the urge to set everything straight, you’re doing just fine and you’re motivated. Next few hours, you’re the laziest person and all the motivation evaporates. If you feel like this, I just want to let you know that you’re doing just fine, you’ll do better, just breathe .

Let me know how it’s going in the comments!

Now playing: Don’t forget to breathe – Stormzy

That’s all for now beautiful people ! Stay at home and wash your hands. Stay safe .


Iyanuthegreat ✨

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I think I am over working myself because of more freedom and more time and I’m losing touch with friends, would try and relax a little more. Good write up💪🏾


Mehn, my summer body work out is not working out oo😢😢😢 But shaa, we movee💫 Hmm, writer’s block, I haven’t really figured out a way past it, but recently, I saw somewhere that it’s better to write that 200 word article, instead of waiting for the big bang, talmabout 2000 words and stuff, so yeahh. Love youuu❤❤

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Iyanzy😂 Nice write up darling!❤️ I’ve been trying my best to make good use of this break; studying my academic books, reading other books, exercising,sleeping,watching movies,getting involved in webinars, developing my self and most importantly, seeking to know God more. See this long list😅 Like you said, sometimes we get highly motivated and the next minute, we just want to lay under our blankets! It eez what it eez!🤣

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I love the theme here btw😻. Honestly, I can relate to all you said on an high level. Trying to make the most out of all of this by taking few courses, reading books, lazy days and all that.

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