I’m listening to asa’s album and I just randomly remembered when someone said Tems is better than Asa vocally. Guys, e be tinz. How would you say such a thing? How can you?? It’s this boredom x quarantine that makes people say such. Listen to Asa!!! That being said, how’s the quarantine going y’all?? I’m pretty sure you’ve been engaging in all sorts of challenges from the push up challenge ( this. Haq x100) to the #dontrushchallenge (I’ve seen beautiful women in this life. Ugh) , and a lot more. The templates on Instagram, question threads on twitter, posting of what not on WhatsApp, and the great anonymous aka master of all troubles .

Personally I’ve been occupied, I sort of lost track on what day it was, days are just moving. I started knitting again ( guess who made her first bralette? Oh and of course cute headbands.) Asa’s ” good thing” just came on guys. Moving on, I engaged in a few challenges, spent time with God, practiced a few songs(song cover coming up sooooon), I tried studying school related things but it ended in tears. I’ll try again this week. Also found books that were not school related and I have plans on reading, so help me God. Skin care plans are moving smoothly and you see that summer body thing, I can’t kill myself (but we move innit? Lmao).

What have you been doing guys? Let me know. Drop comments! Are you still achieving a few things you set out to achieve this year?

See ya!

Love x Light

Till next time, stay in your house, wash your hands, pray for those families that have nothing in these trying times.

Now playing: Happy people by Asa.

Happy new month!




  1. You better have that banging body when next I see you, I dont mind if you kill yourself while getting it…lol…. nice write up tho….I love it


      1. Hey baby, take it easy on yourself. Give yourself time to heal and you’ll grow. Breathe❤️


  2. Been learning new softwares, working on a few projects and trying to build a portfolio. Personally I think people who say tems is better than asap are just clout-chasing 😅😅

    Stay safe x

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  3. You are good at writing babe👏. This isolation period made me realize it’s important to spend time for oneself and i have been able to reduced/increased some activities like; eating once per day that is between 1-2pm, exercise twice per day morning and night. Also, am working from home at the moment so, when am less busy i play PES. I have no girl to think about, smiles.

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  4. Quarantine bn going well, good so
    Grateful for a roof over my head and food to eat
    I don’t think anybody in my family is as bored as my dad, that man washes his cars everyday even tho he hasn’t bn using them and spends time watching egungun be careful video🤦🤦🤦🤦
    It’s is well tho

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      1. Nice piece, wish someone could pen down my day story for me, my laziness all day get PhD 😓


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