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New beginnings. 1

It is important as humans to keep learning. Growth is inevitable. Make most of your stay on here worth it

Good day amazing people! What’s popping??Day 3 of this quarantine and my stomach is already getting big. (Heavy sigh ) . I’m still trying to get used to this- I mean, this freedom(not exactly but you know what I mean). I’ve seen people complain about how this boredom is killing (they’re not wrong ) and you know exhausting. Can’t believe I get tired from doing nothing .

Quickly I’d like share ideas on what to do/engage in this holiday.( Yes holiday my people) This is a time for self development, blah blah. We’re all just trying to stay alive. Anyway, here goes;

1. Discover and build your talents. Your talents do not have to be associated with artistic things i.e singing,dancing,writing etc . Your talents could be solving math.(yes solving math! ) public speaking, rebranding of wigs, coding ,web development or something. Try as much as possible to build yourself ,progress and all that

2. Time to get that banging body x glowing skin. You know , exercise and all that. This takes dedication and focus. Skincare too!

3. Join challenges. This makes you less bored honestly. Keeps your brain active, also keeps you in touch with people, and it builds you. Who knows? You could become a pro at a certain challenge.

4. Learn new stuff. There are different platforms that can help. YouTube for instance . You can learn absolutely anything . Be open to new ideas and get yourself a new hobby.

5. Catch up with family, friends and God. Spend time with family. I know African parents can be annoying and “I too know” but show them love sweet people. Also remember God.

  • Personally, I’d start working on my body. Haq x 100. Can’t let this big stomach shine. And I’d start my YouTube channel ( I know I’ve said this before but I have to start!) . I’d start knitting again- from little pieces to big stuff. I’d probably make videos of me singing ( Rihanna in the making) . And of course , I’d be here often, sharing and talking.
  • What are you going to be doing this period?? Spill in the comment section . I could pick a few things .
  • MAJOR KEY: Don’t forget to wash your hands, stay clean, and practice social distancing. STAY IN YOUR HOUSE.
  • I love you guys💜. Stay amazing. See you later this week.
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    For me I’ll be 420 -ing for the most , you can add that to your routine too folk… let’s remain high together teeeeeeens 😁


    Working on my body,I mean exercises and skin care of course.
    I am already taking those online courses
    And lastly,I am taking my personal make up classes serious.

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