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The weekend! How was your week?!?

I’ve been waiting for this since Tuesday to be honest. School is not for the weak. Especially when you have annoying lecturers. This week was chill,but at the same time I just wanted the weekend to come! Everywhere I turned, something was due. One assignment, a meeting with your supervisor, a test, something was always up! It’s the weekend already anywayyyy.

What do you do during weekends?

Owambe?, Hangout with the girls/guys?, movies alone? House chores? Loads of assignments?Maybe a bit of everything infact. I’ll be here , completing assignments, feeling good about myself, I’ll tryyyy to hang out with a few people(inserts spiritual laughter ) . Basically I’ll be inside my house most of the time, jamming music ,talking to my boos(that’s if they don’t leave and meet their original boos. But we move innit💀) , doing assignments,and talking to one great individual.

Let me know how your week was and what you’re doing this weekend.

See you Sunday

Have an amazinggggg weekend!

I love you❤️

Now playing : Love on weekends – show dem camp ft ladipoe , Tomi Agape. (Show dem camp- palmwine music 2)

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