Positivity always!

Hi guyss!!!!

Happy new month!!!

Who missed me😴

Do you ever after a series of events feel a sense of fresh air??

Like phew! That was one helluva phase. That’s me at this point. It’s the third month of the year and it feels like the sixth.

Highlights of the first two months (it’s more if you think about it)

January 🤪

This was one of the fastest January in the history of January’s . Slow but at least it moved quicker than the rest .

I rounded up my IT(🥳)

And I resumed back to school. Lee to the mao. Back to the ghetto .

Starting school a week late was honestly a bad idea . Lectures had started and I had notes to copy.( for someone like me who gains the most when I attend classes, it was hell. I was clueless). I had plans on how my semester was going to be but as soon as I resumed, I was thrown off balance. My good and positive attitude was thrown in the bin in like seconds. But thanks to a really good friend of mine, I sort of got back on track but my plans for a great semester was on pause. Honestly I’m not sure I remember how I got through January, but I know I want to give God a hug.

Lessons learnt : Don’t forget to breathe. Keep moving. These aren’t new lessons, I remind myself to breathe when things get tight and it feels like my whole world is spiraling and there’s no pause button. I realized panicking won’t solve anything at all, Calming down and thinking of a way out, a better way to handle things . I mean there are things that are above our control and we can’t change a thing about it,and the only option we have is to keep moving. Also, surrounding yourself with positive energy is very important. Being around people who are positive minded is key. Don’t forget to be a light too. Positivity always.


The month of loveeeee . How many of y’all got Valentine’s Day presents? Haq x 3 let’s even leave that topic becauseeee. Hm.

I opened an Instagram account for this blog!!! It’s @asakesdiary on Instagram. Please follow,turn on post notifications and tell your friend. Thank you.

Asake’s diary would be starting this month on here, and itty bits would be posted on Instagram. Trust me it’ll be amazing. Watch this space guys.

I killed my defense! Although my glasses broke a day before .

Was I scared? Yes sort of.

Why was I scared? The questions they were asking others.damn! Plus no glasses !

How did I conquer then? I sought for possible questions that could be asked from my slides,found answers, and I practiced and practiced. I knew every slide by heart. Oh and of course the superior, God’s Grace.

Yaaaaaa that’s it’s basically. I got new glasses too☺️

I started writing more . The publishing just seemed like an extreme sport. But I’m here now, not leaving . (Pinky promise 💀). I’d most likely post one or two on here every week. Cheers to that.

Lessons learnt : Just do it! Be the best you can, work smarter, harder, push yourself. This life na one😅. Don’t give up. Don’t settle for less.

New glasses


It’s the beginning! Fresh Air! I’ll be launching my YouTube channel in a week! Details would be passed across soon .

Fingers crossed for this month . Good luck guys. School is about to get hectic. Egungun be kaifuu. I love love you guys. Also, check out my friend’s blog, ! Oh and if you’re in Babcock university, an amazing show is coming up. Yemithegreat @yemithegreat on Ig is the host! You do not want to miss this.

Till I see you sometime this week, don’t forget to breathe, you’re amazing and doing the best you can. I love you more than I love bread and beans. 🧡.

The Iyanu!

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