A friend of mine said something to me one day.

She said, what if we’re magnets and there is no such thing as gravity ? And the scientists just called it gravity so it won’t sound lame that we are magnets.

I mean we attract each other, we get attracted to things we like. We want things so we move closer to it, we work hard for them,get qualities that attract them to us.

Sometimes no matter how we force it, it doesn’t come to us, because it’s not meant to be.(Love). And there is a saying “opposites attract” law of magnetism, sometimes used in the real world concerning people.

Honestly when I think about it, it makes a lot of sense and when I think about it too much it doesn’t make any sense.

What if Airplanes ,Jets and Helicopters are the only things that make our force of magnetism not work.

When people die, we lower them into the ground. Their force of magnetism is gone. Weak. And so they are lowered into the the great force of magnetism again till the world is over.

We think positive,positive things happen , we think negative, negative things happen. But sometimes it’s opposite. Most times,What we think, is what we attract.

Maybe every single part of us is a magnetic field. Including our minds.

It’s just a thought yeah? Might make sense to you, might not.


Author’s Note :

Hey guyysssssss. It’s been a minute!

I’ll most likely stop this hide and seek thing soon.

For 3 days this week, I’ll be dropping articles, a few short stories and life related topics.

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Have an amazing week guys.



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