Safe place: Music

Without music, the world would most likely be dead. Music gives rise to life and makes things come alive.

Daily, music is needed in the world. Every aspect. From religion,to emotions, important events, even to the littlest things, every occasion,event and situation. The sounds of instruments coming together to form a sweet melody alone is bliss. Ever shut out the wordings of a song and listened to the instrumentals alone? Amazing yeah? I know

The kind of music you listen to affects you. The lyrics,message and all that affects you. Your thinking, your mindset. Sometimes the kind of music you listen to is what some people use to judge you.

Have you ever looked at someone listening to music with earpiece and wondered the kind of music he/she listens to?

Like bruh. It’s like an habit. Most times it’s reflex.My mind just goes “this guy probably listens to them shepeteri and co”or “this babe is probably not that deep” or “based on her looks she could belong to them odunsi crew” and this based on looks ehnnn my mind can automatically conclude “awon eyan cardi” (cardi b fans).

  • Music feeds the soul, heals the mind, comforts the heart. Music is the only thing that can’t die no matter how old it gets.
  • Music can’t die.

    It’s a place to visit on extreme dark days, the best days, the chill days, even when nothing is going on. Music is a safe place. Whether you write songs, sing songs, make beats,play instruments, produce songs,whatever you do that is connected to music, you’ll know what I mean… It’s absolute bliss.

    Having a bad day? You feel stuck? You need to let go of things? You need motivation?

    Maybe it’s time to change your playlist.

    The power of music can’t be underestimated

    Have a super nice week❤️



    1. A blunt and my kind of music has been the reason I’ve learnt not to regret anything that has happened in the past. All I do I go hard cause I really want to see the light at the end of the tunnel .. MUSIC is my strength…
      amazing read girl 💛


    2. Very true!!!!! I kinda judge people via what they listen to. For example all Jon Bellion fans are my loves regardless of if I know them or not, just because we’ve connected with Jon’s music.

      Liked by 1 person

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