Late night chronicles 2

It’s past 3 and I’m listening to Asa’s album (Birds of Stone).

Not that I can’t sleep but I honestly no reason tbh. Nights like these are chill. When I get In my feelings and all that… maybe not exactly get in my feeling but yeah. Just think about stuff that should have, should haven’t,what if’s, what if nots , maybes ,maybe nots.

I’ve grown past the stage where it hurts a lot(gradually).Now I just think of ways to make it better . I mean.. no matter how much I think about stuff. It can’t change the past and all I have to do is work hard .

I’ve learned to stop seeing the future as scary but as an adventure and a lot of things I do now may most likely affect my future. The hard work I put into something I cherish and like would pay off soon . Life could change in a blink and everything could go away and it could be opposite. It could be super better. Like a million times better.

Hard work pays off.

Mostly being hardworking at what you’re good at and giving it the best you can.

Let no one talk down on you.

Just work hard and smarter .

Explore. There are a million things you can achieve . Break points!

Positivity alone⚡️

You’re amazing!

Goodnight? Good morning.

A proper blogpost coming up soon!

Love youuuu.


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