Sunken place?

Most people don’t understand how serious depression until it hits too close to home.

Yeah right we know about the usual stuff told to depressed people “speak out”, “talk to someone”.

Only a few would understand that it’s not that easy.

It’s not just sadness that is depression. It’s not just that feeling of being never enough that is depression.

In a post I never published on depression, I explained depression as accumulated anger stored in the mind.

Let me make this clear. Of course it could start with the few things I mentioned…. It gets to a point that it’s so deep and it all switches to anger in my mind that I can’t talk to someone so what’s the point.

When it gets to this stage, I could even be smiling and you won’t notice a thing. I could hang out with humans, be all smiley and happy looking.But the mind is dying,because anger is poisonous. And all of this causes pain.

From what I’ve heard from suicidal people,and experience,all that’s needed is to stop the pain.

You’re probably thinking of a few persons who might be at this stage, or have gotten to this stage and ended the pain(death).

If you’re reading this and you’ve gotten to this stage, there is a safe place that’s not death.

Safe places are places that are most likely not physical. They are things we do that eases the pain off. Could be writing, painting, music, drawing,singing,dance,sport,anything at all that puts you out of that zone. That is a safe place. A place where you can let go. A safe place gradually brings you out of the zone of pain. The effect of this safe place is painless. Just breathe.

If you’re depressed, and you don’t know who to talk to, how to talk to anyone, Relax. You’re Amazing. Someone loves you. And is definitely around you. You’re doing well. You’re going to make it, and I am super proud of you for keeping your shit together and making it through everyday.

I know sometimes when you wake up , you’re just like …oh okay we’re about to face humans again

But please keep pushing.

Keep reminding yourself that you’re amazing, you’ll be very happy, you’re going to have peace and loadddsssss of money and you can get whatever you want. Real soon!

If it’s school that’s making you this way… school is shitty and you’re too good for this. Just pull through. Hold on sweetheart.

Every so not pretty experience is just going to make your story super amazing in the future

Depression sometimes is a sunken place where it gets too comfortable not having anyone to talk to. There is a constant pain but it gets comfy.

Effect of the safe place is painless. It’s why some people settle for death in which they know eventually they’ll be free from pain.

Most times it’s not just the “voice out voice out” message. It’s just a little compliment. A smile. Word of encouragement. The little things matter. Not everybody can open up.

It starts with you. Be a little less Judgmental. Your words have power.

And sweetheart that’s holding on, I love you. And you’re amazing.

Iy loves you ❤️✨

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