Feelings are what give rise to life. Good or bad

When God made feelings, he made the good , bad and ugly, and reposited them into us as humans and gave us the choice to act on them.
If there were no feelings in humans or animals or anything at all, the world won’t make pretty much any sense. There won’t be good or bad. There would be no feelings to detect whether its right or wrong. There won’t be pain, no one would feel hurt. There won’t be heartbreaks, killings,or anything. There won’t be love, peace, kindness ,sweetness , happiness and all the good stuff. You won’t be scared of the dark or insects because you won’t have feelings of fear. You won’t love ice cream, you wouldn’t love Nigerian Jollof. Those feelings won’t be there. We’ll just be bodies floating. Our souls wouldn’t feel so connected to certain things,certain people, a certain lifestyle .Because feelings are what give rise to life. Good or bad.
If only people showed a little more kindness, smiled more often,helped people around, the world would be a more less scary place to live in.
Dwell more on what’s good. Show a little kindness. Stand for what’s right. Because God already kept all these feelings in us. Whether you act like ‘hard guy” or “hard girl” and feel “stone cold” its still a feeling. And you’re just dwelling on the bad side. The feelings are there. Let go of things, forgive, do things that make you happy.
Dwell more on the better side.

The iyanu❤

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